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Tennis Betting Odds Explained - How To Read Betting Lines

Tennis Betting Odds Explained. Tennis is one of the most international sports around, with tournaments hosted all over the world throughout the year. The most popular of the tennis tournaments are of course the four Grand Slam events. But odds for tennis are found for virtually every major ATP and WTA event going, and often more than just those tours as well.

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The first step to take when making a bet is to look at the money line and decide if it is worth taking out a bet. For instance, you may decide that betting on Pospisil is not worth it at 4/1 odds ($400 return for $100 bet) because Murray is currently the strong favorite.

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It is the simplest of sports betting wagers and is always an option. All you have to do to win the Moneyline tennis wager is to have the winner of a particular match. That’s it. No points, no spreads, no Total sets played, no nothing, just have the winner.

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Tennis odds will have a positive (+) or negative (-) sign in front of the number. If there’s a positive, that indicates the amount of money you would win if you bet $100.

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What Do Tennis Betting Odds Mean? So let’s begin with the common question, what do tennis betting odds represent? If a player is listed at odds of 1.75 to win a Grand Slam match, what does this mean? Well, betting odds represent a likelihood (often referred to as the ‘ implied probability’ ) of a particular outcome occurring.

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Tennis is very simple as it’s only a two-way market meaning you can only have two results, either player A wins, or player B wins. This means all you need to do is select player A or player B to win and place your simple win bet. Most people use tennis betting for accumulators as odds tend to be a little short for singles. What is set in tennis

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With handicap betting on tennis odds explained, you’re giving one player an advantage or one player a deficit to contend with, which vitally allows you to find value when the head to head odds throw up nothing appealing.

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If not, here is a basic explanation of betting the game line spread: When betting the spread, you are essentially betting on a player to perform as well as expected or better. The spread acts as a kind of handicap to even the odds, literally. Spread bets pay close to even money minus the sports books juice.