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Which is the Best #1 Mono Element Team to Build? | Soccer Spirits

Mono Whirlwind is good against Thunder, has a good chance against Light/Dark while being only weak against Ardor. Mono Whirlwind is close to dominating the other 3 elements besides Ardor which it is weak against. However, most rainbow teams also use Angela which is bad for Mono Whirlwind strikers.

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Soccer Spirit Guide for Players: SS Guide (Rank 51 - 100)

Notable Point: Kiki and Yuri are both best pass and HP totems so make sure to utilize them well. Ardor/Thunder: Ace: Jean; Lore Title: Underground Androids; Key Players: Nari, Blade (If you don't get William/MX27 Leventor), Yuri, Guinevere, Nerua, Lucian; Notable Point: This team is brutally offensive yet can sustain themselves with the right composition.

How to build a team in soccer spirits - YouTube

Watch to learn how to build a team in soccer spiritsHey Chibis! I am back and feeling a lot better and doing a team building video about soccer spirits! I my...

Advanced Guide | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Hi there! Welcome to the the Advanced Guide 2.0. This guide will cover more information that aren't covered in the Beginner's Guide and H3R0's Intermediate Guide.The Advanced Guide will cover a general team build, stat explanation, and various minor topics that seems relevant Things to note before continuing to read this guide. This guide may not contain all the information that you may be ...

[Soccer Spirits] THIS NEW TEAM IS SO MUCH FUN - YouTube

My apologies for the absurdly long video ;_;Also, this video was delayed due to a Copyright claimHere are the time stamps:27:16 - Start of matches46:51 - End...

Showcase - Best Rainbow Team vs Best Mono WW : soccerspirits

First of all both teams aren't the 'best' of rainbow nor whirlwind. To point out the obvious, you are using magnus instead of dq as an elemental damage reduction totem vs a ww team. That whole passive is wasted/trash. Not to mention, Jibril and Aslan are arguably not 'the best'. Oh, and the ww team has a lvl 60 kiki, not 70.

Team help please! I want to built a team around mirage, need ...

But rather than come up with a team for her, I'd just recommend a few players that work great on her. Mephitra(assist) is basically meant for her. She decreases pen res and her active pass returns 100 spirit back. Couple that with some good pass, she enables Mirage to have her active ready and hit hard every time.

Discuss Everything About Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

I really wanna build my self a mono Thunder team with focus on long range striker. Players i have: Thunder - Valerie, Altair, Nerua, Hildegard, Lynia, Z077 Cashlove, AU96 Karpila, EA82 Nikita, EA43 Haru, MX82 Vann, Z101 Raklet, ZUXX Robin, Z001 Veronica, MX54 Butcher.

Soccer Spirit Guide for Players

Assemble the best soccer team in the galaxy to defeat the League of Evil!" - developer of Soccer Spirits. Well what actually happens is we are competing against each other to be the best here. So I guess I should to make this guide to prevent newbies like you guys fall into the trap like me. XD.