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Informative Speech About Basketball. 849 Words4 Pages. Outline. Topic: Basketball. Central Idea: inform the history, rules and development of basketball. Thesis Statement: The game of Basketball is very exhilarating and will keep your adrenaline plumbing. Communication and Strategic thinking is the key to teamwork.

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Speech on Basketball 5 positions in basketball By Rohim Dang Introduction Open with impact: “looking at the clock its only 6.7 seconds left and we down by 2, my point guard dribbles the ball down the court, try to look for the open man but everyone was guarded heavily so he calls a timeout with 3 secs left……”

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Speech on Basketball. Basketball is a great team game. It helps students learn teamwork skills. Created originally as a winter sport, basketball requires players to become highly skilled to win their team victory. Whether you play basketball professionally or as a hobby it’s a great way of keeping fit. Of five players on each side, basketball encourages social skills as well as athleticism.

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Body First main point: History of basketball Basketball was invented in December 1 891 by the Canadian clergyman, educator, and physician James Mainmast. Mainmast introduced the game when we were an instructor at the Young Men’s Christian Association Training School (now Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Ill. Conclusion Basketball is hard to acquire but when you shoot the ball to the hoop and make it first time, you might be absorbed in basketball. Most people think that basketball is a sport only reserved for tall people. However, even short people play basketball. The important thing is to love basketball.

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Choose three topics of basketball you want to talk about in your speech. For example, history, great players and great teams, are three topics that cover a wide range of the game of basketball and can be used for an informative speech. Write a 2 to 3 minute speech about each topic. Include the most important dates, people and things of each topic.

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Answer #2. maybe start off with like an imaginary game play... I dont know much about basketball but maybe start off with like: your dribbling the ball up the court, everyones watching, time is still but youre going so fast, 4 seconds left on the clock and your closer and closer to the goal, side step to the right and the shot is clear... etc etc. start off with like a 15 second intro as if you/ the audience is in a game. this will capture their attention.

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Basketball In the 1920’s the World War 1 was occurring, and people needed activities to keep them on the positive side. “The invention of basketball wasn’t an accident. It was a development to meet a need.” -James Naismith.